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Want to attend the next Sensual Goddess Retreat?

Updated: Feb 1

Sacred Sister Circles, Sensuality Practices, Healing, and Meeting New Aspects of Yourself is what you can look forward to along with so much more on our women's retreat.

The next SENSUAL GODDESS RETREAT will be announced soon and if this resonates, your presence is highly requested.

After our 'Sensual Activation' at The Sensual Goddess Retreat April 2023, we fell in love and experienced such unexplainable bonds.

Hear it from the attendees, though!

Below are reviews, testimonials, and recaps from some of the ladies.


How Was Your Overall Experience?

"I had a great time! Finally came to parts of me that I had been ignoring for so long!"

"I had an amazing time healing and releasing built up emotions. I have released so much bad emotions/energy. I just want to keep building myself up until I get to the best version of me."

"Great! Life changing"


"10 out of 10! Breathtaking experience! My life is changing before my eyes!"

"My overall experience was wonderful! It was a beautiful location and the vibe of the trip was perfect!"

"Overall experience was great! The overall house was gorgeous and I was so happy about the multiple bathrooms."

"My overall experience was amazing I had no detailed goals on coming I just knew I wanted to feel lighter afterwards and baby let me say I’m one week out and still floating on a cloud."


"It was a great atmosphere. Enjoyed the experience."

"My experience was a great one! I would highly recommend every woman take one"

"Amazing! I met amazing and beautiful women who just like me wanted to know themselves."

"My overall experience of this retreat was such a releasing & relaxing experience for me! Such a therapeutic environment, and the ladies around are so supportive and it feels like a safe space💓"


What would you say to someone on the fence about going on a Sensual Goddess Retreat?

"Definitely go. Even if you feel like it isn’t for you it’s definitely for you. It’s for any and every woman."

"Invest in your mental health. Book the session or retreat and start healing."

"Just do it, you will not regret it. It’s worth every penny."

"Get off the fence and come on the retreat"

"Come, it’s everything and more! It will shift your perspective on life and make you want to be a better person for YOURSELF and the world around you. 💕"

"Don’t go unless you pray first. Pray for guidance and ask if this is for you. It’s a sensual and spiritual experience and an open mind and willingness to be expressive is a must for this retreat. It’s such a mind opening experience and it makes you want to work on being the woman you want to be truly!"

"If you are looking for a change in your situation and you need a push or encouragement. Book a Sensual Goddess Retreat . You will not regret it!"

"Go! Spend the money on urself you won’t regret it. If you love yourself put yourself 1st and GO!"

"Get off the fence! I’m trying to tell ya!"

"Work through all your issues that’s stoping you because once you get there u will greatly appreciate the opportunity"

"I would say take a leap of faith like i did and Just go"

"Do it!!! You won’t regret it, you come home looking at life different with a new group of friends."

"This is something every woman should experience to reach the maximum level of peace! Being surrounded by uplifting women, makes you feel empowered within a community 💓"

Video Diary:

Sensual Goddess Retreat

Now, It's Your Turn...

It's not mandatory to make a video or leave a review. I just mean, it's now your turn to experience the magic of a Sensual Goddess Retreat first hand.

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