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Permanent Bestie Bracelets on Galentine's Day

Updated: Feb 1

You know you want a permanent chain, sis! When you come to our Galentine Dinner Party this February 13th in Atlanta, our girl, Grace, CEO of Nadora Sky has you covered!

Gone are the days where struggling to clasp your bracelet is a thing. We have elevated. 😎 Nadora Sky will change the way you wear jewelry forever.

Benefits of getting permanent jewelry -

  • It's always with you and never lost

  • It's perfectly sized to your wrist, ankle, or neck

  • Lots of cute chain options to choose from

  • You can get charms

  • and match with your bestie for the restie

  • They are stackable

  • and don't tarnish

Sounds like a WIN if I've ever heard one.

You can catch Nadora Sky at this year's Galentine's Day Dinner from 6-10 pm in Atlanta, Georgia. Click here to RSVP and save your seat at the restaurant.

Okay, now. So you and your best friend are prepared... the prices for the night are as follows:

BESTIE BUNDLE (a $10 savings)

2 permanent bracelets - one for you, one for your friend -

for $140 (sterling silver)

and $160 (gold-filled)

also - special pricing for the charms/connectors

of 2 charms for $40 if both guests add charms


$75 (sterling silver)

$85 (gold-filled)

$25 charms/connectors

I mean, should we ALL get matching bracelets and anklets that night??? LOL

Here's A Word From Grace:

My name is Grace Cotton and I am the founder of Nadora Sky Permanent Jewelry!

My vision for Nadora Sky was to create a space where clients could enjoy permanent jewelry with their friends and family in a warm and welcoming environment. I aimed to simplify the process of finding a place for those seeking this unique experience. Meeting each one of my clients has been the highlight of owning this business, and I am eagerly looking forward to seeing your smiling face after you’ve adorned yourself with permanent jewelry at Nadora Sky!

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